How do I use the GeoVerify app?

URGENT: ALWAYS get your GeoVerify code when you are the location of your mystery shop.  Codes from other locations or times will NOT be accepted by SASSIE!

Getting a GeoVerify Code

  1. When you arrive at your mystery shop location, open the app.  If this is your first time using the app, you'll see a splash screen with a button that says GeoVerify This Location - otherwise, you'll see a list of GeoVerifications.

  2. Click the GeoVerify This Location button.
  3. Once the app gives you a GeoVerify Code, enter a name for this code (optional).
  4. If you want to send yourself a copy of the GeoVerify code, click Email a Copy (optional).
  5. Click the Back button to go back to the list.

Using a GeoVerify Code in SASSIE

  1. Open the app and click on the GeoVerification for this shop.
  2. Find the GeoVerify code field on the SASSIE survey.  If the survey requests a GeoVerify code, it will be located near the top of the survey.

  3. Enter the GeoVerify code.  If the code matches the shop location and time, it will be accepted.  

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